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Cats/cat in - or out of - heat?


How can one tell when a cat is no longer in heat? My 9-month-old female cat, Minnie, had finished with the period of yowling and crawling around with her rear-end in the air, so I let her out. Immediately, a number of toms appeared and mounted her, apparently with her full consent! I want to get her spayed, but it seems one can't do that until the cat is no longer in heat. Is Minnie still in heat, or is she simply behaving like a little slut? I'd appreciate any info you can give me! Siria.

your cat could still be giving off the scent of a cat in heat and that is what is attracting the other cats. It is very difficult to say when the period of being in heat stops and so there is no garantees that she may still not get pregnant. Normally a cat should be spayed around 5 to 6 months old to ensure that they don't become pregnant. I think that unless you do want kittens that you should keep her in until she has her operation.

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