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hi my cat may be in labor I took her to the vet at about 4:30pm but the doc was not in 2-day the vet tech took a look at her and and my cat's temperature dropped to 99 degree's fahrenheit I only notice she was pregnant a few weeks ago her belly is very big but I am not sure at all when she mated is there any way I can know if she is in preterm labor or she is at her normal due date or if indeed she will give birth in 24 hour

only a professional vet would be able to know how far along she is as it is a very delicate operation to feel the kittens inside and should not be attempted by anyone else. I am surprised that the standby vet was not able to give you more guidance.

Apart from that the only signs that your cat is about to give birth is from her behavior, ie being more affectionate to you or keeping herself to her self. She may even meow more.

Any way whenever she does have her kittens she will probably be able to cope completely on herself. Just keep an eye on her in case she becomes distressed but this is rare. I have included a link at the bottom regarding cat regency for your information.

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