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help help!my cat is spayed and we just got a new kitten in the house but ever since hes been soiling the house he was fine when we had so kitten but now he's not please help me my mom wants to give him away so i told her i need to do research he is about 5 years old the kitten is 6 mounths old please help me i need it

when a new cat comes into the household the older cat will feel threatened and will spray around the house to try and make the home smell like him and to tell the other cat hey this is my territory.

The problem is that when you first get a new kitten the two cats should not be put together for a week or so to allow both cats to get used to the smell of the other cat but not be threatened by their physical presence. Then after this period they should be introduced slowly and supervised so that the meetings are calm and controlled and again feel non threatening. I have written a page about it it here. /introducing-cats.html

It may be worth trying this now even though they have already met.

It is also important that you have separate litter trays for both cats.

Here also is my page about cat urination problems which may help aswell.

Read both pages as they will help you to understand why your cat is doing this.

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