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I have a cat that just started either sneezing or hiccuping and doesn't seem to stop. I was up all night because the only time it doesn't sneeze or hiccup is when she is sleeping. She seems to be playing fine and my 2 other cats are fine but I am concerned that she may have eaten something that could be causing her to do that.  I hate to spend the money on a vet if I can go to the store and get benedryl and  I notices there was another cat hanging around(stray) that has stuff coming from its eyes.  they don;t play with it but may have been fighting it because it is in our space.

you haven't mentioned how long she has been sneezing for. If it is only for a few days then she probably does just have a cold and it will go away on it's own without medication. If the condition gets worse and her eyes start to weep and she goes off her food etc then she must be taken to the vets, medication bought from the stores are either a waste of money as they don't work (i have much experience of this) of could be dangerous to your cat.

However most colds are mild and nothing to worry about.

Just to let you know that my cat has been sneezing off and on for about a year now and the vet has told us that she is not ill and that some cats just sneeze from time to time.

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