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When can I give the kittens away? When should we have her spayed? She is an indoor/outdoor cat. She won't stay in after spaying.. How do I handle this? How do I give them away without upsetting my mama cat? Thanks for your help. Irene

well i'm not too sure what your asking. It seems to be lots of different questions.
Kittens should stay with their mum until they are weaned and have finished their socialisation period which is over two months old see here /kitten-care.html

Your vet will be best to say when it is possible to have your female cat spayed but i think it can be quite soon after giving birth. Check with your vet.

A cat that is used to going out will always crave to go out and it can be difficult to get them to be happy indoors, you have to make sure that their home environement is a stimulating one see here /indoor-cats.html

Your female cat will handle her kittens for the first two to three months, teaching them lesson like litter training, hunting, eating etc so it is important to allow her to get on with it. Until you have her spayed keep her inside to prevent getting preganant again, give her lots to do and keep her entertained to keep her happy until then.

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