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I have had a kitten we got her when she was about 3 months old and she is now 8 months old... so we have had her for about 5 months now.  We felt liek she was getting bored so we decided to get her a playmate.  She used to live with a lot of other cats where we got her from so didnt think it'd be a problem.  We brought the other cat home who is about 4 months old and its a boy. We didn't realize we shoudl confine him for awhile and we just let them together right away and now they hate eachother. They hiss and swat at eachother everytime they see eachother.  I dont want my cant to think we were replacing her or anything and i just need help! Can you tell me what to do!?

oh dear, this is a common mistake, to think that cats will automatically get on with another cat easily. In fact it can be quiet a delicate and complicated process to try and make the new addition to the family fit in and be accepted. Not to worry, hopefully things can be still sorted out.

Unfortunately there are no guarantees that they will ever get on but there are things you can do to try and make them accept each other. firstly both cats should be neutered, the boy cat should be done soon anyway. this will reduce the sexual scents given off by both cats and so reduce the tensions.
Also it may be worth starting from scratch again with the whole introducing cats together process, please read my page here  /introducing-cats.html
it will take you the steps of slowly introducing the cats to each other, this could be over a period of several weeks, it helps both cats to feel secure about their environment again and the scents of the other cat and getting use to them without confrontation.

I hope your cats settle down together soon.

best wishes Kate


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