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Cats/coming into heat?


i have found a stray kitten it looks to be about 4 to 5 months old and ,it is healthy  ,we have had it for 5weeks now , but the question that i would like to ask is she has been meowing all the time when she looks at you and when she is by herself or when she looks out of the window but she doesnt doit when she is being nursed or when she is asleep i have never had a female cat at present i have a 12yr old male cat that is tolerating the teasing she is giving him so could you tell me if she is coming into season

well yes she could be coming into season and that may be the cause of her meowing. The other answer is that she has what is known as separate anxiety. This doesn't just mean that they get upset when they are left alone, it also means that they are only happy when they have your undivided attention.

I have written a page about this here /cat-social-behavior.html

If you are going to get her spayed then i would recommend that you have it done soon. this will stop your cat becoming frustrated and also possible stop some destructive behavior some cats display.

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