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Cats/defecting outside of litter box


I have three cats.  One is an old timer and then I adopted two siblings about 3.5 years ago.  The male of the pair had urinary track problems about 9 months ago with no recurrence.  Special food , etc.  Recently he has been defecating out of the litter box.  On couches, chairs, beds, on the floor, etc.  Sometimes when I am out - sometimes when I am there.  Recently while I was in the room, last night in my bed while I was in it.  On the clean sheets up near my face.  I think it must be behavioural but cannot figure out what has changed or why.  Am keeping the litter box clean daily.  Food was changed months ago when he was ill.  Any advice?

when a cat starts to defecate around the home it is called middening and is an extreme form of communication. It is indeed behavioral and is caused only when something has seriouly upset the cat. What that could be can be quite difficult for us humans to work out but does requirelooking into throughly as this behavior needs to be stopped as soon as possible, mainly because it is a sign that the cat is distressed.
Can i refer you to my web page about middening, it will give you some more information about the possible cases and how you can help put things right. Here is the page /cat-poo.html

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