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I just recently lost my cat, she kept getting outside even though we tried to keep her inside.  I was thinking that when she had a playmate she didn't try as hard to get out.  I was thinking about getting two kittens, but i want them to both have a special bond with me like she did, but worry that maybe they wont be so human friendly if i get two at the same time.  what do you think?

i will be blunt. Getting another kitten won't stop your cat wanting to get out. The reason why your cat wants to get out is because they have instincts to go explore, hunt, mark territory etc. they are very inquisitive animals and are essentially still wild animals at heart, there instincts don't change. Now i am a firm believer in giving our pet cats freedom and allowing them outside, now i know that in America this is often not the opinion, so what i will say is that if you do decide to keep your kitten inside you will have to make their home environment as entertaining as possible and give them as much to do as they would find outside. i have written a page on my website about this here
I hope it will give you some ideas.

If you do get another cat make sure it is of the opposite sex to reduce tensions, but be aware introducing a new cat to an existing cat doesn't always work, see my page about introducing a new cat here
for tips on how to do this.

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