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Dear Madam
Thereīve been some days I see a black cat in the street looking sick and miserable, whith tears in its eyes and meawing quite loud. Today I felt so sorry that I took it, he didnīt scratch or bite. I fed it and gave it milk (which it loved). Now it wanders around the house meawing, but is so sweet that will lick my hand and go sit down on my lap. It was quite dirty but it has started cleaning it self. Is it just scared but will eventually get used? Should I let it go? I live in an appartment and the owner does not allow animals, but there was no way I was going to let it die (I actually would like to keep it). Should I take it to the vet? should I give it some time first to get used to me and the house? Excuse me for the many questions but is the first time I have a cat and I donīt know what to do. My father keeps telling me that I should not try to close the poor thing in the house and should let it free in the street, what do you think?

Thanks a lot

I will give you my opinion only but it is for you to make the final decision based on your circumstances.

I believe cats should be able to come and go freely, i do not like the idea of them being cooped up inside all the time. However that is for you to decide, i do not like to force my opnion on anyone.

Regarding your landlord, well what will happen if they find out that you have a cat. Will you lose your apartment? Is it a risk you want to take?

I think the cat is obviosuly needing a good home, the fact that he is now cleaning himslef means that he feels happy and contented with you, but as he is used to being outside you may find that he starts to want to get outside again as he is used to his freedom.

I live in the UK and if a cat needs a home and is taken to a animal shelter they are rehomed and not put down, i don't know if that is the same or different in your country. I only as this, because if you think that you cannot have the cat after all it would be cruel just to let them go again and try to fend for themselves, instead finding it a safe home would be better, perhaps you might know someone who could have him.

ANyway i do wish you all the best and if you do decide to keep him, then yes take him to the vets for a check up and have him neutered ifhe is not already, this will calm him down and stop him spraying in your home.
Best wishes
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