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Hi there. My cat is ten years old and has always been well behaved and quiet as well as slightly timid, she also goes outside. One morning we awoke to her making loud noises she was hissing snarling and growling and running about madly through the house. This continued for the rest of the day although she also would go through periods of calm when she was in her bed and would even purr and appear relaxed. We took her to the vet who checked her anal glands and expelled what was there. We took her home but the spells were just as bad so we took her back that evening and the vet gave her a painkiller. This did not make any difference and it has been going on for four days now. She will be sitting then look around to her tail and start a low growling then just flips out. I hope you can help it is quite a mystery why this has happened, we are not aware of any traumatic incidents, and nothing in her lifestyle has changed.

well this is strange especailly if the vet cannot find anything wrong with her. The only thing i can think of is that perhaps a new cat has come into the area recently and it has upset your cat. Ie feeling threatened in her own territory. My own cat can start to behave quite strange as spring approaches and she starts to go out more and come across other cats who come a calling.

I can't really suggest anything i'm afraid, you have done the right thing in taking her to the vets to make sure that she is not medically ill. Hopefully it is only spring fever.

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