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About two weeks ago; a large black cat started entering our house, usually in the evening and in the dead of night. The first time, the cat fought with our 7-month old female kitten. The second time, it snuck in and I found it eating her food. Third time, it was sitting on the path, and showed no fear even when I walked straight up to it. The fourth time was a brief fight which ended in the cat chasing the kitten down the corridor, and then me, chasing the cat out of the window. I was peeved at it, so I was yelling and waving my arms, and it seem I scared the sh*t out if it, because there was a trail of soft faeces left behind by the cat.
Our female kitten started acting strangely yesterday, and after doing a bit of research, I found that her behaviour means that she's probably in heat (Frequently licking her valva, meowling loudly in a strange yowl, actively prowling and calling, rubbing against furniture with her butt in the air).

I now have her in a room, food, water and a cat-litter box. I can't tell if she's still in heat or pregnant, because she'll yowl for a while, and then stop, preen herself and fall asleep for a bit, before waking up and doing it again.

Does anyone know what kind of behaviour I should look for to let me know if she is pregnant? I hadn't expected her to go into heat so early, and she's still so small...

cats mature from the age of 4 months old and should be neutered soon afterwards.
It does certainly sound like she is in heat.
It is impossible for you to tell if she is preganant or not, a vet would have to do some tests on her to find out early on. Often visual and beahvior changes only happen a few weeks before the birth so until then it would be impossible to tell. Her current beahvior would suggest that she is in heat.
I would recommend that you telephone your vet for advice as to how soon you can bring her in to have her op and definately keep her away from that other cat.

Don't worry, many people can't belive how soon they need to have their cats neutered, it does seem very young, doesn't it.

I hope all is well

best wishes


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