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Hi, I have two cats, a brother and sister, about two years old.  The male cat is a sweetheart, and he loves playing with his sister (he exhibits dominance behavior toward her).  However, lately he has started to exhibit aggressive behavior toward me.  It seems to happen when I am grooming or playing with him...he's fine one minute, and all of a sudden he bites.  I reprimand him, using his name sternly, and that makes him angrier.  He emits a low sustained meow, his ears go back and he tries to bite again.  I've started to just get up and walk away but last night he tried to bite my leg as I walked away.  The next minute he's fine.  I find myself a little fearful of him now and I really want to solve this problem!  Can you offer any suggestions as to why this is happening?  Thank you!

you haven't changed your perfume or bathroom products which he may be smelling? I know this can sound strange but my own cat who never bites anyone will sometimes suddenly go nuts and bite me if i am wearing a certain perfume or if she can smell some other strong odor on me. Once it was even a change of washing powder which she didn't like the smell of.
Apart from that it is difficult to say why else he would suddenly react badly towards you. Normally aggression is a sign of fear or pain and they are reacting to it. Maybe as you are stroking him he has a pain somewhere, it may be worth getting him checked by a vet.

I have a page on my website here about aggression and cats /aggressive-cat-behavior.html it may provide some more information for you.

i hope all works out well

best wishes Kate


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