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Cats/Behavioral problems w/my chocolate!!


Hi I'm lauren I'm 19 and I just recently adopted an about 6 months old Siamese mix Chocolate point.I also have another cat who is gray and white.They are both females but right now the siamese has her own room until she adapts better. However I do let her out to scope out the scene.She let's you pet her head a little and you can pet her bodya little but she ends up hissing, growling, swattingm and or sometimes bitting.I think she may have been abused but I'm not sure. am concerned bc she is somewhat loving but she isn't fully letting it out. I do not know what to do?!I read up on her type of breed even tough she is mixed to and she is nothing like it.She's not lik most mixed breeds her face is like three different colors and her body has a few spots she is gorgeous though.Is there any advice or help out there??thank you


yes it will take your cat some time to adjust to her new home with all it's strange sights and smells. having another female cat will also be a challenge, as it is normally advisable to have two cats of different sex as they get on better (less competition) anyway with her having some Siamese in her she will also be very strong willed and will do things her way.

My best advice is to point you in the direction of some of my cat help pages on my website. they will give you some ideas on how to bond with your cat and make them feel happier in their new home. here are the links


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