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I got my cat Kashi a year ago from a cat rescue organization. He was a year old at the time and is currently 2 years old. After roughly two weeks after we brought him home he pooped on our bed. So i started keeping the bedroom door closed. But he clearly preferred the bed to his liter box because he was able to poop on the bed two more times in a split second of me grabbing something and leaving the door open on accident. He would also meow at the door for several minutes wanting in so he could poop on the bed before proceeding to his liter box sadly instead. I cleaned the bed with nature's miracle and he hasnt been in the room since. But it didnt stop there he would move on to the futon which i eventually had to throw away, his bed, the dog's bed, the chair. But all these times are spread out by months at a time. He'll go faithfully to the liter box for 3-4 months then go on a piece of furniture. The funny thing is that he poops on things he normally sleeps on. Now he has moved on to the couch. I have taken him to the vet and there is nothing wrong with him. I havent changed is food, his liter, nothing has changed. His liter box is always clean. I thought he might be stressed and thats why he's not going in his liter box but when i went to housesit for a week and he was left all alone (of course i went by to feed/change his liter box) he didnt have an accident once even though it really stressed him out. I am at my wits end i am now watching him like a hawk because i'll watch him walk over to the couch and he'll see i am watching him and he'll go to his box instead or wait until i am not looking to do his business. PLS help =(

you are right it is behavioral and is known as middening. it is a form of communication a cat uses to mark their territory. It normally only happens when the cat is very stressed and it helps them to feel more secure in their home. Its all to do with scent etc.

the problem is that this is not an easy thing to stop as you have to find out why your cat is feeling so stressed or insecure. It could be that they get very upset being left on their own. Some cats are very attached to their owners and feel very unhappy when left alone, this is known as separation anxiety.

Also if your cat is kept inside all the time they may be very bored. cats are very intelligent animals and need a lot of stimulation.

My best advice is for you to read my pages about Middening, bonding with your cat and separation anxiety and indoor cats and how to keep them entertained. Hopefully these will help you to discover why your cat is doing this. here are my pages




I hope you can find out your kittys problem soon.
Best wishes


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