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I have 2 cats and 1 dog.  Dog came first 14 years ago, 1 cat about 10 and last cat about 4-5 years ago.  Approximately 6 months ago the last cat started urinating at the water dish which has been shared all along by all three animals.  I have tried Comfort Zone spray with Feliway to no avail.  He doesn't do it all the time.  I keep his litter box clean and have even purchased a second one, to no avail. I have the Littermaid automatic cleaners and empty them daily.  He has used one since he came here.  Nothing else has changed, litter, food, routine all the same.  He will walk up to the tray holding the water dish and my dogs food dish and urinate right in front of me.  I don't want to give up my cat, but I can't take the smell in the house either.  The litter boxes are at the bottom of the basement stairs (same spot as always) and the food and water dishes in the kitchen.  He doesn't do it all the time either.  Sometimes he uses his box and I have even caught him urinating in the bathroom sink.  He's had a hard life.  Started out as a ferral kitten my daughter was fostering for our local animal shelter, had a bad infection in one eye and had to eventually have it removed as he never was able to see out of it and when we got him healthy and ready to adopt my daughter could not part with him so we adopted him.  He is strictly an inside cat.  In fact about 2 years ago he got out and did not come home for about a month and was not in very good shape when he came home.  Since then he has stayed inside (the other cat never goes outside either), but now this problem.  Of course, my daughter has grown up and moved out, so I inherit both of the cats, but want a solution to the urinating problem.

well this could be several things

it could be that he is getting old and is becoming a little senile or confused this does happen with older cats.

The litter trays are too close together in the basement or the fact that they are all in the same room means that the smell of the other animals urine is putting him off. Try placing his litter tray somewhere else if possible.

That the cat needs his own water bowls away from the dogs as again this smells of the dog and the cat is trying to scent the area to make it smell of him and so making himself feel more secure.

Any of these could be the reason. Cats can be very contrary when they decide.

It may be that you will need to do some intensive litter tray training with him to get him back on track see my page here about this. /cat-litter-box.html

Here also are my pages about cat urination and its causes for more info /cat-urine.html

Fingers crossed that with a few adjustments to the litter boxes and with a little training things will return to normal again.

Best wishes Kate


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