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Our kitten is about 8 months old now and is a male. He is fixed and is also an indoor cat. When we got him at 2 months, he learned his litter box quickly. Since, we have noticed him peeing in the heating floor vents of our house every now and then. He has also had accidents on the rug right outside of his litter box and on of course the Christmas Tree Skirt during the holidays. Our schedule has not changed- while we are at work, Howie has his own bedroom that we put him in with his food and litter box. Recently, we took a weekend trip and brought Howie along... this week has been especially bad for peeing accidents, do you think that he is getting back at us for taking him away this weekend? What can we do? Hoe should we react when we catch him doing peeing?

the thing to remember about this sort of behavior is that it not a bad behavior it has nothing to do with revenge of getting back at you. All cat behaviors are driven by territory and security. Often cat urination like this is down to the cat nor feeling totally secure in an environment and this can be down to many things like changes in routine, changes in environment or even down to something like their litter tray being too close to their food can make them feel unhappy. urination spreads their scent and this makes them feel more secure, it says this is my home.

My best advice is to point you towards my web pages about this kind of issue as it can give a lot more information about the causes etc.

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