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I have 2 cats that are ages 4 and 2, they get along, play, wrestle and love each other!!

I have never seen any signs of them NOT getting along and are in general very happy kitties.

However I have only ever had 1 litter box and I know that was WRONG of me BUT so far so good. I have never ever had any problems so thought it was ok just to have 1 box. I am faithful to clean it out EVERY DAY and was it out once a month. It is never very dirty.

About six months ago I noticed some small poops in the corner of the room where the litter box is (downstairs). It is from the older smaller cat, Abby. I thought it was bc the litter box was not full enough so I started keeping it nice and full and the problem went away.

Then this week I was cleaning up around the house and I was SHOCKED!!!! I saw more poops in the corner of the room where the litter box is AND in the next room too. I have no idea how old it is but it is not rock hard and I am so bothered by this. But all from Abby again.

I obviously need to get 2 or more boxes but I don't know where to put them. And is this the problem??? I don't know. The cat's both had physicals in Aug and were very healthy.

We want to keep the boxes downstairs but where? Can they be the same room but in different corners? Would this be ok? I don't believe bullying in an issue. Or should they be in different rooms anyway?

Thank you so much, I am so stressing about this and feel like the worst pet owner in the world.

It should be ok to keep two boxes in the same room, perhaps in opposite corners.
Pooping is definitely a string signal made by cats that they are bothered by something and are trying to communicate to the other cat either that they are marking their territory or are being subservient. So yes it is important to take the issue seriously.

Try the two trays in the same room and see what happens if the problem does not go away them you may have to try and find another spot for one of the trays.

Best wishes Kate


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