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I have two cats both were pregnant at the same time one was about two weeks ahead of the other, on Tuesday the 31st the cat that was due gave birth, then in the evening the other cat gave birth as well not due at all, the kitchen are very small i am worried about them. They have both given birth in the lounge and not the box I have provided, I have tried to move them but as soon as the lounge door is open they are back in there again. What can I do to make them stay where I want them?

I am not sure what you are worried about. Mother cats will normally choose where they want to have their kittens themselves and unless you lock them in a room there is no way to stop them moving their kittens if thats what they want to do.

If the cats are happy to be together in the lounge then they should be fine. Just make sure that litter trays are provided in seperate areas as cats do not like to share litter trays.

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