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My mother in laws cat was laying on a tank top that belonged to one of my nieces, From what we heard she was treating the shirt like it was her kitten and making awful fuss when my mother in law would come near her. She has never had kittens so I didnt know if this was a normal behavior or not. She was abandoned before my mother in law found her and took her home and she always been skidish of humans untill recently. Lately she has been really lovey and alot less scared of human contact. She has really changed alot for the good. SO I guess the question is, is it normal for a cat who has never had kittens to treat an object like it is her kitten in that manner? Please help me I have looked all over the place for an answer. Thank you.

is it all possible that she could be pregnant? i ask this as the behavior towards not only the object but also her change of attitude to people is very much like a pregnant cats.

If not well it is not usual for a cat to behave like this and the myth about cats needing to have at least one litter is completely untrue. If your cat is not neutered then she may be frustrated due to all the hormones running around her body and that may explain the behavior.

if she is neutered then it may just be a security thing. She may like the smell of the shirt and it makes her feel more happy and secure in general again that would explain her better reaction to people.

Hope that helps a little

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