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i adopted a 6 yo birman cat a year ago.. she is shy and skittish  but ok with my husband and myself the only occupants of our home......... she has spent the year happily inside until recently when she wanted to go out on to the verandah i let go and she just sat in the sun .... she did the same the next day and then jumped downstairs and now refuses to come back in .... its been two weeks and we have had heavy rain and cold  but she still refuses ... i now put her food and water outside at night so she doesnt starve .... she is home every night but as i said wont come inside  and hisses at me  if she thinks i am going to pick her up and bring her in .... also  just before she went outside her behavior changed o sitting on the kitchen table  and kitchen benchtops which she didnt do before .... can you give me any help or advice ..... thanks cheryl

I am not sure what to say with this one. It just like your cat is much happier outside than in. perhaps she was stressed or felt insecure inside and thats why she refuses to come back in. At the end of the day it is her choice, if she has access to the house when and if she wants to come in then she will.

She obviously still considers your place as home as she returns for food etc, i assume she still lets you pet her. Some cats are just naturally happier outside than others or it could simply be that she is in the process of claiming her local territory, this can take a while for some cats and when she feels more secure in that area herself she may decide to risk coming in again, but perhaps she will always need access to the outside to be happy.



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