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Cats/cat with a bloated stomach


my cat has has kittens about 2 months ago. she feeds them form time to time but now her stomach gets a bit bloaty. she is not pregnant because she got nuetred i tried rubbing her stoch gently and she reales gas aswell. is there any type of food that i should give her to stop this.

its not a case of what food to feed her to get rid of this its more of a case of stop feeding her the food that is causing the gas.

Are you giving her milk? If so, stop this and move her onto water or special cat milk. This is because cats are lactose intolerant and this can cause diarrhea and gassy stomachs.

Perhaps change the food she is on to something less rich for a week or so, plain cooked chicken with boiled rice is very plain and may help to settle her stomach down but she should not remain on this for long as she will not be getting all the nutrients she will require.

I have webpages about what to feed cats and i have one here /cat-diet.html which talks about a product for  pregnant and nursing cats, you may want to give that a try.

If after all your efforts she is still showing the same symptoms then i would recommend a trip to the vets just in case it is something medical.

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