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Hi I have a male cat he is an indoor by his choice we have recently moved home and he came with no problems but he will poop in his litter tray but pee in the bedroom in the same area. we have tried everything but he wont stop i have tried to get him to go outside but he is a big baby and dislikes the wind in his ears :) he hasn't been dressed as we have no other cats and he doesn't go outside. please help me i will do anything to get him to pee & poop in the litter tray!

you didn't mention if he urinates at the same time as pooping. Ie poops in try and then urinates outside or whether he does it at a different time.

If he does it at different times it could simply because the try may not bee clean. Some cats can be very very particular and just won't use the litter tray if it has been used even once.

Make sure his litter tray is not near his food area and that the tray is placed in a fairly quiet spot, somewhere where he feels safe. Sometimes even the noise of a washing machine close by can cause stress and a lot of cats show this stress through urination.

It sounds like you have a very timed cat and so it is likely that he will be stressed by little things. Make sure nothing has changed in the house, like moving furniture or something new.

Can i suggest that you read my web pages about
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be patient with your cat, this kind of behavior is very common and although it is annoying, it can sometimes just take a little change to get things back to normal.

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