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Hi, My cat is just over a year old, the last time she was in heat was a month and a half ago, during that time she managed to slip out the door as we were coming in. She has not been in heat since, I have been feeling like she might be pregnate, she is eating more, sleeping more, definately seems to be getting a belly and her nipples seem very pink. My question is, she seems to be in heat now. could it be possible for her to be pregante and still go into heat? any information would be greatly appriciated, i have never owned a cat much less a pregante one. Im doing lots of reserch online. Thank you. Paula

i will admit i am not an expert on cat preganancy. Only a vet can tell if a cat is pregnant or not and it is often difficult to tell early on in the pregnancy. If she is preganant she would not go into heat again until after the birth.

the sysmptoms you gave sounds like a cat late on in her pregnancy (which is normally between 61 and 68 days) but as i say only a vet can tell how far along she is.

I have a web page about cat pregnancy here /cat-in-heat.html.

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