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I have two questions that are possibly related.Two days ago out of the clear
blue, when my door was open for one minute, my 3.5 yr old bengal female
ran out the door like, and hasn't tried to come back. i see her in the middle
of the night in neighbors bushes,two nights in a row now, and have a trap
set up with her favorite food.
what else can I do? Did she  forget who you are? This cat has never formed
a healthy attachment to either of us.We have two cats that we had before
her.She was mainly bonded with one of the cats, never left his side, but
never cuddled with us, or even responded to us calling her. Could she be
brain damaged? I've had alot of cats and this one never seemed to care
about our attention. She had a few accidents, in the last month, and I was
giving her antibiotics in her food, and I never yelled at her for the accidents,
but I tried to take her to the vet last week, which she has never allowed me
to pick her up,so I took the urine sample instead. Could that have bothered
her THAT much?

as you know cats are very independant creatures and very much have a mind of their own. Why they do something like this out of the blue can be a puzzle to us.
You could be right she may have just decided that this is not the home for her, as she may feel threatened by the other cats etc. This happened to me years ago, one of my aloof cats just decided one day that she didn't want to live with us and our other cats any more and she simpley moved to another house down the street. We would see her from time to time, but there was no getting her to come back.

She may of course just be on what i like to call one of their territory staking expeditions. These can last for days, even weeks in some rare occassions before they decide to come home. My current cat did this for three days once and my sisters cat did it for 9 days. But both came back.

I wouldn't think that the vet thing is that much of an issue as they tend to forgive trips to the vets fairly quickly, but as i say if she is not generally happy where she is, it may have added to that feeling.

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