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We adopted an apparently abandoned Siamese cat year or so ago.  Her vet thinks that she is around 11 years old. When we found her she had been spayed and declawed.  She pretty much has the run of the house but spends most of her time upstairs because we have 2 dogs downstairs.  Anyway, she has decided that she needs to speak with us several times a night between 2am and 5am.  I am sure she has much to say and many things on her mind, but it is playing havoc with a good night’s sleep.  Any suggestions on how to deal with this besides the obvious ones such as relegate her to the basement or bombard her with pillows?  Thanks so much for your advice.  Jay Turner

well as you probably know Siamese cats are more vocal than other breeds. cats have learnt that we communicate via vocal sounds and so they have adapted their behavior to match ours. Also unfortunately night time is the time when cats are at their most active and as you know they just can't understand why we spend it asleep.

Unfortunately there is no real cure apart from as you say banning them from the room. You could try squirting water at them but you must make no vocal sound while doing it or even telling them to shut up, they will see the vocal response and a positive one.

You could also try playing a runaround game with them half an hour before bed time followed by a small night time snack. these may encourage them to sleep.

Sorry i couldn't give you any guarantees but as you know, cats definitely have a mind of their own and we mere humans cannot control them.

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