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Please help me!

I have an 9 month old girl BSH cat who has not been 'done'. (we would like her to have one litter before we get her spayed)

On Saturday we got our new addition, a 'little 4 month old boy birman kitten.

We kept them apart for 24 hours swapping scents etc and when we introduced them on sunday afternoon there was a lot of hissing and growling which has now calmed down allot (its been less then 4 days).

My problem now is my 8 month old hates the new kitten! she chases him around and swipes at him and pins him down and bites his neck, the poor thing spends all his time hiding from her. Is this normal? How long before they learn to get along? Should i break up the fights or let them sort things out themselves?

Also i keep them apart at night still as im worried they'll kill each other, but in the morning thins are worse then they were the night before so should i not be separating them???

Also my 8 month old hates me too! Since getting the little one she wont be petted, cuddles or played with and wont even look at me when i call her name. This makes it hard for me to show her that i still love her lots..

Is all of this normal, im feeling very worried, will it get better.

I hope you can help me.

Many thanks,


firstly yes this is normal, for your cat. The problem is there is not one answer that will fit every situation or every cat personality. For instance some cats will get along with other cats quite easily with no problem, others will never except another cat and at best may only tolerate their presence. It has a lot to do with their experiences during the first seven weeks of their life "the socialization period". If they were not exposed to lts of different animals, people and experiences during that time then they find it much harder later on.

It seems that you have tried to follow the introducing new cats routine, perhaps it will just take smaller slower steps for your cats to get used to each other, but as i say there are no guarantees that they will ever be good friends. Here is my web page about introducing cats to each other.

Hopefully it is just a matter of time before things settle down. I wouldn't interfere too much with their spats as this is the normal way cats sort out their position in the family etc and normally it sounds much worse than it is, but they are both still very young and so are still learning how to behave etc.

I hope things work out soon
Best wishes


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