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i have just bought a kitten i was told she is 8weeks old her eyes are still blue so im not sure that she is, i have tried 2 diffrent wet foods one she ate a small amount of  on fri she has,nt eaten since i gave her some cat milk which she lapped up very quickley have you any ideas to help me im so worried about the lack of food she eats

if she is eight weeks old she is a little young to have been taken away from her mother and is probably not fully weaned onto solid food and that is why she still wants cat food, although if as you suspect she is even younger well that would definitely explain her lack of interest in solid food as this normally just starts to happens around 4 weeks old.

You may have to just offer her little bits of kitten food at a time and supplement it with cat milk for a few more weeks. remember a kittens tummy is small and they will only want to eat small amounts each time. Please see my web page here about kitten care for more info /kitten-care.html

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