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My cat has recently ripped off one of his front claws.  He's absolutely miserable.  I don't have any money to go to the vet, otherwise I would have gone already.  Is there any advice that you could give me?  He's been just growling, doesn't want to use the litter box, and he's even apprehensive towards me, which he normally isn't.  I know he's crabby b/c of it.  I have some left over antibiotics I've been giving him from when he was sick earlier this year and that seems to make him feel better.  Do you have any other advice?

poor kitty he must be in some pain. All i can suggest is that you try and clean the poor with a very mild antiseptic solution to try and keep it from getting infected. Hopefully the would will heal itself but if your cat is in a lot of pain a vet could give him specail cat pain killers.

You must be able to afford something like that, perhaps if you phone the vets to see what the cost might be, they may even sell you some pain killers without a consultation, it is always worth asking.

The danger is that the paw could become infected, if that happens then your cat will have to see the vet.

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