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how do i lure back my cat.He ran away from the house once when we left the door open and i didn't know where he was an month past my neighbor  found my cat sleeping in the chair that she has outside.when he came back he had an infection he could pee in his litter box so some times he would pee around the house so i put i leash on him so when i was in school he wouldn't pee in the bathtub and next to the bathtub.One day i came home from school i went to let he out from the bathroom i saw that he wasn't there then i see the window open with his collar on the floor and his  leash hanging outside the window i wen outside to see  if i could find him but he was gone and i been trying to lure him back home with the scent of his bed, toys,cookies he used to eat, driving round looking for him but he still doesn't came back home it's been 3 months now.

sounds like your cat has the wander lust in him and that being an indoor cat just does not suit him. I think you should just accept that some cats just can't be kept inside all the time. He is probably much happier being outside, doing all his catty stuff.

If it has been three months now i would say that he has chosen not to return and no amount of luring will get him back. Even if you did he would go crazy until he could get outside again.

By the way you were lucky that the cat did not strangle himself with that leash when he got out of the window. It really isn't a good idea to put a leash on a cat when left alone.

Sorry if this wasn't the answer you were looking for but having owned cats for a very long time now i know that they are essentially wild at heart and will do as they please and just occasionally they allow us humans into their lives, but only on their terms.

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