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Cats/relationships between tom cats and their mother


My cat is about 21 months old, she had 2 male kittens last year July. recently, within the past couple of months, the mother has been hissing at her kittens, and attacking them. please can you advise me of why this may be happening and what i should do?

is your female cat still unneutered? This could be the reason for her actions. in the wild in is normal for the mother cat to chase off her litter once they can fend for themselves so that she can have a new litter and that competition for food etc is not too over crowded. Having her neutered would stop this situation.

Also are the two tom cats neutered. if not then she will be feeling threatened by their presence as they may make attempts to mate with her. they will also be giving off very strong territory smells which are also threatening to her. Again having the males neutered would help.


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