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I woke up this morning to my 1 yr old cat having kittens, she only had 2 and one died--is this normal for 2 kittens?? Also she didn't seem to really want to feed it everytime the kitten got to her nipple she would get up and move around so then the kitten had to get back there and by time she did the cat would move again, should i take it and start feeding it??


two kittens is a small number but it could happen. A cat can take several hours to have all her kittens and there may be many hours between each one so it could be possible that she has not finished giving birth and that is why she is restless.

the first kitten will need to feed fairly soon. If she will not allow it to feed still them yes you will have to take over but give her time first, just make sure the kitten is warm and comfortable and cleaned of any goo.

if no more kittens appear and your female cat still appears restless then it may be advisable to get her checked by a vet in case something has gone wrong inside, just a precaution.

I hope it all works out well for you all in the end.

Best wishes


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