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Cats/6 Month Kitten Urinates on Bed


About 3 weeks ago, I took my female 6 month old kitten to be spade.  She was fine for 2 days and then started weeing (big wees1! - no straning) on my bed.  I put a cat litter box down and after a week removed it.  She was fine for about a week after that, but has started doing it again this morning.  She only wees on my bed at around 07h00 when I am supposed to feed her - otherwise she goes outside.

if you can rule out a urinary infection then this kind of behavior is just that a behavior caused by either changes in the cats environment or routine or if they are stressed or are trying to mark their territory to make themselves feel secure again. Look around to see if anything has changed in the home, is their a new cat in the area that is scenting outside, or has her routine changed. Sometimes the problem can be something small to us but is importnat to your cat. Please read my pages about this kind of problem here to give you some ideas of the possible cause and what you can try to do. /cat-urine.html

In rare occassions there can be a complication due to the operation but i would suspect that this is not the case as she is not doing it all the time.

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