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I brought home my new chocolate point Siamese yesterday and all he wants to do is climb on my shoulder and sit. I have scratches all over my neck. He loves to climb all over me and love me to death. When i sleep he sleeps with me and he sleeps all night, and wakes me with kisses in the mouth. My question is what can I do about him climbing on me all the time, he is crazy and loves to bite me in playing.

you must nip this behavior in the bud as it were other wise it will become a learned behaviour which will be very hard to break in the future and also will help your cat not to scratch others in the future. Basically as soon as your cat tries to climb you walk away quickly and shake him off, do not make a sound, remain quiet, walk away from him. repeat this every single time. He will eventually learn that he does not get what he wants. Then make a fuss of him on your terms, so that he learns that he gets stroked etc when he does not climb on you or bite you. If he starts to bite, walk away quickly and quietly. You will have to make sure that you do this every time. See my web page here about this behavior. /aggressive-cat-behavior.html

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