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so my cat is very pregnant and I'm not sure how far along she. I'm guess she has a week or less before she delivers. On Monday I came home and my husband had told me she had made a weird noise next to my chair, so went to investigate and found clear, watery, and mucus type substance. So I was expecting that this was her water? Well its thursdays and still no kittens. She is sleeping alot a very big and seems healthy. Eating drinking and I'm even giving her Kittyvite vitamin supplements. I'm not sure if I should be concerned or if this normal?

can you see movement in her tummy? If not then there may be a problem. However a cats labor can take a very long time and as long as she doesn't appear to be in any distress and is still eating etc then i wouldn't worry too much. if any of that changes and still no kittens then telephone the vets for advice, she may have a stuck kitten etc.

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