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QUESTION: We will soon get a 2-year old cat from a friend.  I would like to change the name.  Is this advisable?  Will the cat learn and adjust to its new name?  Thank you!

i rescued an 3 year old cat from a animal center. No one knew what her name was before she was lost and she was being called lady at the shelter, but when we got her home we changed her name to Mouse. She got used to it quite quickly and it is as if she was never called anything else. So to answer your question, yes , given time a cat will get used to a new name, just don't keep changing it once you have made the decision.

best wishes Kate

here is my web pages about cat names for your info

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QUESTION: Do you also know of other cases--either personally or through your education or reading--where a cat's name was changed and the result was successful?  Thank you so much!

yes many times. All my cats in the past have either been found by me or rehomed from a shelter and every time i have given them a new name, with no ill effects.

I really wouldn't worry too much, cats are smart and can get used to a new name in time.



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