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I moved in with my boyfriend, in an apartment, after giving him a male cat and me workin' with him at his old job. He (Tiger, the male cat) found out there's another cat next door that happens to be a female. She doesn't even really like her owner, let alone anyone else. So, we decided 'cause she was in heat to introduce them. They didn't mate, but she was hissing and trying to attack him. She actually did attack him when my boyfriend first brought Tiger home, but he was a kitten and she was an adult. So, we kept introducing them. She fought him real bad and hair went flying everywhere, but luckily there wasn't any blood. He's always cried to go over there until that happened. So, now, he's startin' to cry again and I wouldn't mind if it was a meow, but it's like a deep sound and he's been doin' it all day and it's drivin' me nuts!!! How can I stop this?!?  Tiger won't fight the other female.  A lot of people tell me get him fixed.  Will this work with the awful sound he makes?  Will the female ever accept him?

i can't understand why you introduced them if you knew she was in heat. Do you want more cats to look after, i can;t quite understand why you did that. i am not surprised that the female cat attacked him if she was in heat as female cats will often attack male cats during this time.

yes the noise he is making sounds like the normal crying of a tom cat and yes having him neutered will stop this male tom crying. the crying in the wild is to attack female cats, but in the domesticated situation it is annoying.

Having your cat neutered will also make him a much happier less frustrated cat and much more suited to living in an apartment.

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