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My boyfriend and I have a 1 year old female calico cat named Maggie. She is very energetic, playful, and social. She has seemed pretty bored lately, so yesterday we went to a cat adoption place and picked her out what we thought was going to be a great match. He is a 6 month old male orange tabby cat (we named him Max) and seemed very energetic and playful when we met him at the adoption place.
When we brought him home, he ran underneath our bed and cowered. He has been underneath the bed ever since, shaking and hiding. We know it has only been a day, and Maggie did a fair amount of hissing at him yesterday (but she has not been hissing since), but we were wondering if there is anything we should be doing to make the transition go more smoothly?

Thanks for your help!

Hi please see my page about introducing cats to each other, it very important to ensure that both cats are comfortable with each other before they allowed to roam the house. this will help stop conflicts and fear. here is my page /introducing-cats.html

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