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Hi! My husband and I have two cats who are just under one year old. Our one cat (Mark) is very friendly with everyone, but our other cat (Anthony) is afraid of every human besides me and my husband. He is scared of everything! My husband and are going on our honeymoon for two weeks in June and my parents are taking the cats into their pet free home while we are away. Is there anything we can do to make the transition easier for him? I am worried he will just hide the whole time we are gone and not eat. Thanks!

i see your problem but i'm nor sure that there will be a solution for such a short period of time usually a cat who is like this will need quite a long time with and in the new situation to overcome their fears and then if the cat is particulaly afraid they may never fully over come their fears.

My best advice is to guide you towards my pages on my website one about scared cat and how to help them and the other is about bonding with a cat it may help your parents to approach him which will be less scary for him. Generally they will ned to make sure that the cat has a safe place they can retreat to and that plenty of their familair things are around them including clothing with your scent on left near their sleeping place in the new environment.

Here are my pages

I hope they can be of some help

Congratulations on your forth coming wedding

best wishes


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