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Hi Kate

I have a neutered male cat aged 6, and a spayed female cat aged 2.  Recently neighbours cats have been coming into the garden they and my male have been fighting out for the terretory.

My main problem is that in my kitchen I hev had a very strong smell of cat urine.  I have a cat flap, so no "acidents" and I'm not even sure if it was MY cat, or the neighbours cat.

What can I do to get rid of the smell, and secondly, how can I prevent any further spraying in my kitchen?

this is a common problem. It could either be your cat urinating to reaffirm that this is his territory or it could be the other toms trying to stake their claim.

To get rid of cat urine smells see my webpage that has some suggestions for home remedies and bought options. here /cat-urine-cleaner.html

Regarding stopping it from happening well this is more difficult. You could change your cat flap to one that only opens by your cats collar, this would help if it the other cat coming in.

You could spray a mixture of lemon juice or citronella and water around the cat flap as cats don't like the smell of citrus but this may also upset your own cat.

You could try to hang dangly shiny bottle tops around the garden and the door to try and scare off the other cat.

the problem is a un-neutered male tom can be very determined and hard to put off. Your best bet may be just to try and keep the cat flap closed for a while until the situation calms down.

best wishes


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