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Cats/Sudden defaecating problem with my little cat wonder


Hi Kate,

I've begun to have a real problem with my (approx) 11 1/2 year old domestic neutered indoor 'little boy' which has started, since October/07, periodically defacating first on the dogs bed pillows, then the shoes & plant towels, and just yesterday I actually saw/caught him doing it on the kitchen floor right after getting out of the litter box. I've had many pets in my life, 12 minimum being cats, and I've never had this occur nor have heard of this. I thought this was bad behavior, at first possibly against the dogs as if he wanted to take over their pillows, but they've all lived in the house together 8 years, and I can't think of anything that's changed to bring such a gross behavior on. Any idea what could possibly be going on? All thoughts would be greatly appreciated...thanks!

This kind of behavior is often misunderstood by us humans and we see it as bad behavior whereas in fact it is used as a form of communication like when a male cats sprays his territory sending a message to other cats.

When the behavior includes faeces it is known as middening and is a more extreme form of communication ie it can be seen as well as smelt. It can be caused by many things but it is normally a way for a cat to make his territory feel more secure, like putting their stamp on it as it were. My best advice is for you to read my web page about middening, as it will give you more of an idea of why the behavior occurs and how best to try and tackle it.

here is my page /cat-poo.html

I hope it can answer your questions and help with this problem.

Best wishes Kate


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