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We have been "adopted" by a young cat. It literally slept on our doorstep about 6 weeks ago, and we started feeding it.  I say it, since I am not sure of its gender.  I think female, but we can't get close enough to be sure.  She is young -- probabaly less than a year.  She appears to be healthy and  clean, but she is very afraid of people.  You should know, we are NOT cat people.  I am somewhat frightened of them, and I am very allergic to them.  Because of the allergies, we will not have an indoor cat.  And since we live in a fairly urban area, we won't get an outdoor cat -- too many cars.  But this one found us.

Anyway, to my question.  This cat is very frightened of people.  We can't touch her.  But we can sit near her while she eats....about a foot away.  I have been feeding her every night.  But the last few nights she hissed at me when I went to give her food.    Now, as I mentioned, I am not a cat person.   I am willing to feed the cat, but I don't like being hissed at, and I don't want it to get aggressive every time I step out the door.  Suggestions, please???  Thanks

This is essentially a feral cat and that is why she hissed at you and won't let you touch her. I'm afraid this will not change, she is feral and her reactions are normal.
If you continue to feed her you will just have to except the situation, she will not attack you, the hissing is just because she is scared of you and is warning you off, as long as you don't get too near her she will be fine.
If you are not happy with this situation, I'm sorry but the only answer is to stop feeding her, so that she will find somewhere else to eat. However since in her eyes you have fed her she may return for quite some time looking for food.

By feeding a cat you are taking some responsibility for the cat and if she is a female and feral then the next thing that may happens is kittens turning up all looking for food, this problem could escalate. What i have said to others in a similar position is that if you are happy to continue to feed her but keep her as an outside cat then it really is in the best interest for the cat and your neighborhood to try and catch her and have her neutered, to stop the local cat population from growing. If she is feral you may have to get some professional help to catch her with cages as you say she will not let you pick her up.

I hope i have answered your question and i send you my best wishes



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