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My cat is a siamese which she talks quite a bit I just had her  spayed about two weeks ago and now she meows all the time its almost like she's in heat and she looks as though she is searching for something and the other thing is I can't leave her it's like she has to be right be my side at all times.  Is it possible that the vet left some tissue behind that is causing her to meow like she's in heat.  Her surgical site looks good and is healed

siamese are generally more vocal anyway and so this may not be unusual for your cat.

I very much doubt that the operation has caused the extra meowing as when a cat is spayed all the reproductive organs are removed and that will mean that no hormone will be produced that would put your cat into heat.

It sounds to me like your cat could be suffering from separation anxiety. this is when a cat becomes overly attached to someone and has to be with them all the time. This is not a healthy situation for your cat or for you but is a hard situtaion to change. It may have started because the cat was unsettled by the operation and so the cat is trying to feel more secure.

My best advice is for you to read my recent article about this it will give you an idea how to try and help your can. here is the link

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