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I got Motley (female) about six months ago and got Sabbath (male) about four months ago. They are both litter trained with their own litter boxes (fully enclosed with lids). They seem to pick and choose when they want to use it and go on the floor if they don't get what they want or when they want it. It's mostly Motley but I'm afraid Sabbath is picking up on it. She is a very temperamental cat and unruly, she thinks she owns the house and me. When my boyfriend goes to work on the boat they play up worse and I can't cope anymore I'm going to get rid of them if it doesn't stop. We have spent almost 1000 on these cats now, they are well loved and looked after, I thought desexing would help and it hasn't stopped. How van I fix this problem without spending anymore before I want to get rid of them for good?!

well it sounds as if you have done everythin right for your cats ie giving them separate litter boxes etc, so the only other reason is that your cats are feeling insecure in their environmeent and are using urine as a scent marker to communicate to the other cat that this is their territory and also to help make them feel better in their home. My best advice is for you to read my page about this as it highlights all the various causes and what you can do to try and elevate the problem. Unfortunately there is no quick solution all you need to remember is that they are not being naughty when they do this, there is always a reason. here is my page /cat-urine.html

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