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there has been a stray cat in my neighborhood for the past few weeks.  he has gotten thinner and thinner, and he will soon starve.  i felt bad for him so every night i put out a bowl of water, a bowl of milk and a big bowl of my "secret" dog's food.  my dad HATES animals, but my mom is an animal lover like me.  we have a dog.  mom says to leave the cat alone, but i feed him our dog's food.  the cat eats it, but im worried its not heaalty for him.  also, he runs away when i get near him.  QUESTION 1: will it hurt the cat to eat dog food?  QUESTION 2:  how can i get the cat to come to me?

firstly never give a cat normal milk they are alergic to the lactose in it and will give them terrible diarrea which will decrease their weight. Also dog food is specailly formulated for a dogs body weight and nutritional requirements and not a cats so it will not do them much good in the long run.

There are no are and fast rules to getting a cat to come to you, you have to build its confidence in you over a long period of time. See my web pages about cat food and also how to bond with a cat it may help you to approache the cat so that they feel safe. Here are my pages


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