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hi there, i have a 1 year old cat who was lovely as a kitten a little jumpy but affectionate.  He's still affectionate and will sit on your lap but won't do anything he doesn't want to do! when you try and tell him off for anything he'll hiss and growl! not a deep growl more like a meow growl.  When you try and brush him he'll meow growl or when you try and pick him up he'll do the same try it a few times and he'll hiss! i don't no why, do you think he's just temperamental? he is a house cat but has a run outside, do you think he's frustrated too?

well firstly you should tell your cat off for anything they do. After all they are not doing it to be naughty whatever they have done is either from instinct or has been caused by something else. So telling them off will have no effect. i have written a web page about this here /cat-discipline.html

Regarding the hissing and growling, this could also be caused by several things. either he is in pain when he is picked up or brushed, so it is important to get him checked out incase something is wrong. if not then hissing growling is caused when a cat feels threatened or scared and this is a normal reaction to this feeling, it is saying back off i am scared. It could be that he just isn't very confident and need to be made to feel more secure read my pages about scared cats and also about how to bond with your cat as how you approach a cat can make a difference to how they react to you. here are my pages



I hope my pages help
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