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Bangri(my kitten) was the most fondest thing that could happen to us. She was very adorable to both my husband and myself.We were taking good care of the kitten.As both of us are working so our maid use to feed and take care of her in the afternoon.It so happened that our Bai was to go on a leave of 20 days. We were quite confident that our kitten would survive.The next day when i returned from office,I usually find her near the door.But she was not there so i was scared.then as i switched on the lights I found her lying on the floor dead.her shit and piss was also there. I was shocked and cried and called my husband. We took her to the vet who told us that this incident must have happened some 6-7 hrs back. I have somehow overcome the situation but i still miss her very much and still love her very much.What still disturbs me is the cause of her death.What would have happened that a healthy kitten would have died like this.No marks of scratch or blood.just the shit and the piss near her dead body.This proves that she might have died out of shock.but what type of shock ? Has she fallen off from somewhere ?but she was so playful..running jumping arnd .

i couldn't possible answer this question without any certainty as only a post mortum could definitely tell you what killed your cat. Have you made sure that the cat didn't eat poison of some sort of chemical that could have caused violet sickness and diarrhea?

I am so sorry to hear of your loss it must have been very distressing for you. I have some pages on my website to help owners over their pet loss here is the link for your information.

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