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i have two cats, one female one male. They are great together now but not at first. I had the male cat, Izzy first then introduced Fergie ( female) last summer. They play and run around now, so thats fine. Izzy the male has been fixed, so he is not the father. I am concerned that Izzy could harm the new kittens when they are being born. I work outside the home and I am terrified that if I am not here during birthing I might come home to find a real disater. I just want to know if its a possibility that could happen and what I should do.thanks so much for your help.

there is a myth going round that male cats will kill kittens. This is not rue and comes from the fact that just after a female cat gives birth she gives off hormones similar to a female in heat and this gets un neutered male cats excited, they try to mate with the female she spurns them the male cat may then become so frustrated that they try to mate with the kittens of course this is not physically possible and sometimes the kittens get crushed or suffocated in the attempt, however this is rear.

in your case the male cat is neutered and so won't react in the same way. All i would recommend if you are worried is to keep the mother and kittens in a separate room while you are out.

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