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I have taken in a mother 7 mo ?? with 3 kittens. She has never been away from the colony that she was born to,what do i have to do to bring her into the fold of my home,she is used to some people,not aggressive,scared,was cared for and fed before me,responds to the people she knows,but wont come out of the crate for me,poos in the plants not litterbox,I want to bring her in the house but not till she knows the litter box,other animals in the house friendly,2 cats 1 dog[she has seen @ met} please advise
thank you for your time    B

well i won't lie to you, re home a feral cat can be a very difficult process and they don't always lose their feral behavior. My sister rehomed a very small feral kitten years ago and even though he ended up living with them his whole life he was always a very aggressive and difficult cat.

There is no special techniques to use with a feral cat, basically you just have to try and include them in the family life with your other animals. I would recommend that you follow the introducing new cats to each other process as this is the first steps for acceptance. here is my link to my page about this /introducing-cats.html

Also your feral cat will be very skittish and nervous and these cats need to be approached very tentatively and slowly and hopefully over time they will have enough confidence in you to let you be around them more. Here is my page about bonding with your cat /new-cat.html

I wish you every success with your new feline friend and her kittens, lets hope that she wants to be with humans and lead a more comfortable domesticated life, but if she does not , well that is up to her in the end all you can do is offer her your home and care.

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