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Cats/My 12 year old indoor/outdoor male escaped 2 weeks after a recent move


Eefa and our lost black and white beautiful Oreo
Eefa and our lost blac  
QUESTION: We tried to keep him indoors and he slipped out the back door when my
husband accidently left it open a crack..He seemed to be settling back into a
routine inside, but a few days before his escape he became very vocal during
the night, which was always his signal to go out. In our old neighbourhood he
roamed freely.. had a few run ins with other cats over his lifetime and he
always came home like a warrior. Our new house is in a denser area with alot
of cats around. The good news is we have not heard nor seen any  signs of
cat .. He has been missing now for 4 days. During the past 4 days I have
prowled around calling him all hours of the day and night.. Talked to the
neighbours I have met who also have cats.. We have walked our dogs on
these searches as well hoping the scent will be picked up by Oreo and he may
follow it home.. last night I left some food and catnip by the back door and
this morning it was gone,, I am encouraged as I haven't seen ANY cats in our
yard for the 3 weeks we have been in this house. He is a sweet boy, very
affectionate with us and our 2 large dogs.. shy around people he doesn't
know.. generally hides from strangers. He would not approach a stranger.. Do
you have any thoughts or ideas on how I might go about finding
heart is just sick.. we had no intention of letting him out :(


all i can say is that this can be a common problem after a move. My sisters cat escaped from her new house 2 days after they moved and he disappeared for over two weeks then at out of the blue he turned up at her door. So it is quite possible that your cat is out their claiming his new territory etc.

Make sure that food is available for him outside and call him every day, shake treats etc, this is what my sister did and you never know they may hear you and remember where home is. Also you can leave his scent around the back door by rubbing his bedding on it. this will help him to find his way home. You can even leave one of your old jumpers outside as your scent will also encourage him to come home.

I wish you every success in  finding him a again. Don't forget to put signs up and to contact the local animal charities etc just in case he has been picked up somewhere.

best wishes Kate

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: HAPPY NEWS!!!!! :-D  Oreo came home last night..sauntered in like nothing unusual had happened!!! We suspect he was hiding under the house the whole time!!!.. Thank you so much for your reply. I have learned alot reading this reply and others as well, I am very happy to have found this site.. Thanks again.. Suzanne

great news Suzanne i am so glad Oreo came home again. Great name by the way.

Don't forget to drop by my own website, you can even post oreo's picture onto our Cat gallery pages at /cat-photos-gallery.html

Best wishes


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